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My name is Christopher Appel. I am a veteran illustrator, television and game developer. Perhaps you remember some of the computer games I worked on in the 1990s, like the Wizardry series, or the early expansions to Unreal. Or maybe you are more familiar with my recent work in animation, on programs like Archer on FXX. Since you've found my portfolio site, you may be here to see some of my illustration work, from children's books or games like Weird Wars, Deadlands, Legends of the Five Rings, or Anachronism. 

Whatever brought you here, welcome.
I hope you enjoy the work!

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My work in animation generally keeps my schedule full, but feel free to drop me  line for inquiries about my work, or project proposals. I'll try to respond as quickly as possible. I look forward to connecting.



Thanks for submitting!

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